Introduction: Jonathan D. Jacobs

My name is Jonathan D. Jacobs, and I’m the editor of Res Philosophica, a journal that we at Saint Louis University recently relaunched. (The journal is actually one of the oldest philosophy journals in North America; it began in 1925 as “The Modern Schoolman.”) Res Philosophica is a general journal that publishes articles from a variety of perspectives, both historical and topical. It is published by the Department of Philosophy in conjunction with the Philosophy Documentation Center, a non-profit publisher of over 100 titles in philosophy and related fields.

I’m excited to contribute to a discussion of academic publishing in philosophy. There is much that can be improved, and I think this blog can make some small contribution.


2 thoughts on “Introduction: Jonathan D. Jacobs

  1. Samuel Hagos

    I may just be an undergraduate student of philosophy, but I will still look forward to reading your blog entries.

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